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massages and treatments

massages and treatments

Two treatments available

Indulge, relax and share a body treatment, or face a massage ritual with someone special.


Jupiter Sensations (80 min)

Treat with a treatment body purifying, remineralizing and relief of muscle aches, which is made a body scrub to remove dead cells, followed by an engagement with a mask heated mineralizing mud that helps to relieve muscle aches and joints . Finish your treatment with a therapeutic massage stimulates the flow of energy, relieving pain and giving you a huge sense of well-being, comfort and vitality.

Face deep moisturizing Soft Minimal Rite (75 min)

Treat and pamper your skin with a deep facial hydration that helps keep the skin supple and elastic, helping to prevent dehydration and premature aging. Start treatment with a massage Express back 15min based on outcrops and slips to a previous relaxation. Then an analysis is made and respective facial, ending the ritual with a more luminous skin and a healthy look.


Massage Zen Relaxation (50 min / 75 min)

Immerse yourself in a deeply relaxing massage that helps to restore the balance of body and mind, helping to improve blood circulation, elimination of toxins and relieving muscle tension, promoting the relief of stress and sense of well-being.

Massage Jaipur (50 min)

Indulge and relax with a four-handed massage performed by two therapists simultaneously. The fact that the two hemispheres of the body being massaged simultaneously and in sync means that there is an energy balance of the body providing mental and physical relief as well as a faster deep relaxation.

Sports Massage (50 min / 75 min)

Relieve muscle tension with a massage with stronger and deeper techniques, promoting pain relief, stress and muscle fatigue.
The techniques used for stretching, outcrops and digit pressures will prevent
muscle injuries and tendons, helping the elimination of lactic acid from the muscles.

Massage Tropical bamboos (50 min / 75 min)

Relax, release and activate circulation and detoxification of the body with cell renewal stimuli.
The movements used stimulate and help shape the body tissues,
eliminating toxins and fat located due to deep drainage techniques with bamboos.

Refreshing relief massage (50 min / 75 min)

Reduce the feeling of tired legs and feet with a manual lymphatic drainage promotes the forwarding of toxins and fluid retention to the lymph nodes. Complete this experience with the application of a fresh gel for relief of bloating.

Massage hot stones (50 min / 75 min)

Relieve pain and muscle tension with thermotherapy techniques where there is a heat conduction emanating from the use of basalt volcanic rocks.
The thermal energy from DETAS stones penetrates deep into the muscles,
promoting an intense relaxation, as well as clearing and normalization of the energy flow.

Massage Minimal Female (75 min / 75 min)

Indulge in an exclusive massage for expectant mothers that helps in back strain relief and the legs and feet swelling reduction, helping hormonal regulation, improves sleep, stimulates blood and lymph circulation, helping to increase the elasticity of preventing skin stretch marks.

Express Massage (30min)

Relieve any tension in the zone of the back, neck and head derived from the accumulation of stress and poor posture.
The techniques used to help blood circulation promoting oxygen supply.

Reflexology (40min)

Relax with an ancient therapeutic technique that works by stimulating the reflex points on the feet and hands of a particular organ,
tralhados that are specifically and that unblocks the flow of energy, promoting the well-being and total relaxation.
palpation and exploration of these points allowing to diagnose fairly accurately digit pressures and techniques made.

Indian Head Massage (30min)

  Unwind and relax with Indian massage techniques that consist of massage the head, neck and face, with the purpose of manipulating energy channels,
unlocking the negative energy storage. It improves blood circulation, increases the mobility of joints, soothes headaches,
tension and eye strain, promoting healthy hair growth and a general feeling of relaxation.

Massage Ayurvedic (75 min)

Let yourself be guided by a holistic massage that favors the balance, integration and dynamic exchange between body and mind.
landslides and stretching techniques are used in order to increase oxygenation of the blood causing a large relaxation and
muscle strain relief by releasing toxins and muscle tissues.
This massage provides strengthening the immune system, increased flexibility and body mobility and joints enabling the vital energy-free circuit.


moisturizing body care (75 min)

Treat your skin and treat yourself to a full body scrub with sea salts removing dead skin cells, followed by a relaxing massage with body moisturizer involved in essential oils for a deeper hydration.

Anti-cellulite Care Detox (50 min)

Prevent or treat the existing cellulite with a treatment that goes through a scrub in the critical areas of cellulite, followed by an application of a mask antioxidant algae with a vigorous massage with slimming and deep movements where fatty lumps are worked and stimulated to be expelled by the body, providing the smoothing of the orange peel.


Treat yourself to taking care of your skin with a face ritual adapted to your skin type. Start your ritual with a welcome ritual with hot towels on the feet followed by an Express massage the back for relaxation and muscle relaxation. The following is cleansing the face with cleansing tonic and cream. then one or scrub impurities not for vaporizing extraction is performed. It placed a mask for eyes and face adapted to skin type followed by a head massage to relax. The ritual ends with cream eyes, serum and moisturizer appropriate end for a perfect hydration and luminosity.

Ritual Face Eternal Youth (mature skin) - 75 min
Soft Minimal (deep hydration) - 75 min
Facial Cleansing Rite (oily) - 75 min
Face Rite sensitive (sensitive skin) - 75 min
Face Ritual Male - 75 min
deep care of eyes with moisturizing facial mask - 45 min
Mini Express Face - 30 min



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